The April Snakeskin Range

New Beers And More

Beer on Tap:

Birrificio del Ducato: Viaemilia

Craftbier Viaemilia Birrrificio del Ducato

Kellerpils: (IT; 0,33L; 5 % Vol. Alk.) European Beer Star Award ( 2x Gold; 2 x Silber) World Beer Cup (3x Silber)

Wiener Gemischtes

Brew Age Chixulub Oatmeal Stout + Gold Fassl Zwickl = Love

Ingwer Radler

Mixed Homemade Ingwerlimo with Zwicklbier


Bottled Beers:

Toccalmatto B Space Invader

Toccalmatto B Space Invader Craftbier

Black IPA: (IT; 0,33L; 6,3 % Vol- Alk.)

Hanscraft & Co Backbone Splitter

Hanscraft & Co Backbone Splitter Craftbier

IPA: (DE; 0,33L; 6,6% Vol. Alk.)

Camba Bavaria Lovebeer

Camba Bavaria Lovebeer

Weizenbier (DE; 0,5L; 5,2 % Vol. Alk)

Iron Maiden Trooper

Iron Maiden Trooper

ESB: (GB; 0,33L; 4,7 % Vol. Alk.)

Kuehn Kunz Rosen Kerlig Hell

Kuehn Kunz Rosen Kerlig Hell

Hopfenbetontes Lager: (DE; 0,33L; 5,2 %Vol. Alk.)

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